Our Mission

At Valeo Sales Force Consulting, we build sales forces optimized for peak performance. Our strategy has 3 critical elements, recruitment and selection and negotiation.

We start by using the top sales headhunting talent in the business to leave no stone unturned, sourcing and delivering the best available candidates to the process.
We then apply a more scientific and objective selection process to thoroughly prescreen each candidate. In addition to the standard phone screen, they complete a recorded video interview, to help you narrow down the pool quickly and cost effectively. They complete aptitude and personality tests that are compared against established internal and external benchmarks to effectively rank your options.

Then once you select candidates who are the best fit, we actually deliver your hires. Because anyone can flip resumes. It takes a seasoned professional to negotiate a mutually beneficial relationship built to last and excel.

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Valeo Resources was our guiding hand to find the right people. It seemed to be near impossible before seeking their professional assistance. We are building a strong team and focusing on growing with the correct skills obtained with their help. – Kristine Wilson, CEO

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Valeo Resources is top notch in every aspect! As a development firm that handles all sorts of technologies from iPhones to financial systems, we need the best talent. The team at Valeo worked with our strict guidelines and found us the right candidates. – Anthony Segrich, CEO